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  • 74 DigiFold guide

    New DigiFold guide for Screening Room Map 18/02/2016

    Here’s the new quick reference guide for screening rooms across the UK, published by Pocket Films as part of the Screening Room Map. Our DigiFold PDF is a quick and elegant resource for London’s screening venues.

    Download the guide and explore the web links to these select venues. Alternatively, if you want a paper copy, print it to a single A4 page and fold to form a convenient pocket guide.

  • 75 one guide four media

    New pocket guide for Screening Room Map 30/06/2015

    The 12th edition of the pocket guide for screening rooms and cinemas, launches in summer 2015. Distributed inside Televisual, Screen and Broadcast magazines throughout the year, the handy pocket edition sits alongside this web site, the mobile app and the e-guide to provide a versitile directory in four convenient media. New venues added to the guide for this year include the stunning Regent Street Cinema, Whirled Cinema and 11 Little Films. Opening soon are Soho House Dean Street and Courthouse Hotel- Shoreditch. We also welcome back the Barbican, Savoy Place and BUFVC venues.

  • 76 The Studio Map

    Guide to film & TV studios- The Studio Map 01/02/2015

    The Studio Map is the guide for UK film studios and television studios. Consisting of a printed edition (distributed in leading industry magazines), a web site, a mobile app and our new email guide, The Studio Map is a comprehensive studio resource in four convenient media. Start exploring the studios here

  • 77 Royal Society of Arts

    New venue: The Royal Society of Arts 13/10/2014

    The historic RSA has played host to some landmark events, including Britain’s first photographic exhibition and early public demonstrations of the telephone and talking film. Located in the heart of London’s West End, the Durham Street Auditorium can seat up to 70 for screenings.
    Go to RSA listing

  • 78 flickreel.com

    Flickreel: Innovative film web site 26/09/2014

    The fast-growing film web site Flickreel breaks the mould of conventional online film portals. The site is designed to overcome the confusing clutter and poor user experience that’s become the norm for other sites. Pocket Films likes the elegant user interface, superior mobile device experience and the great video editorial. See www.flickreel.com

  • 80 App

    News – Free Mobile App for Screening Room Map 16/10/2012

    The mobile app for Screening Room Map is now live. The web app provides key venue information in a format optimised for smartphones and is specifically designed for universal access, working on iPhone and Android phones. The free app includes an interactive map to help locate over 50 featured screening rooms and cinemas. Scan the QR code, right, with your smartphone to install the app. Alternatively 1) Open this same page (Features) of the Screening Room Map web site on your smartphone’s browser, 2) Click on this link 3) Follow the on-screen prompt to either launch it or “Install this web app on your iPhone and tap to Add to Home Screen”

  • 81

    News – Film web resource 16/07/2013

    Dedicated to film rather than digital projection, We Can Still Show Film is the fledgling web service for all those people, companies, organisations and venues who are still able to run film. The aim of the site is to produce an online resource for venues and people who are still able to show cellouid film now that the majority of the film and cinema industry has become digital.

  • 84 Studio Map

    News – THE STUDIO MAP pocket guide 02/05/2012

    Our unique guide to film studios and television studios across the UK, was launched in May 2012. The pocket guide was distributed inside movieScope magazine (as well as Screen and Broadcast magazines). The handy guide sits alongside the web site and the new mobile app, see below, to provide a great resource for film studios and television studios in three convenient media.

  • 85 The Studio Map app

    Free Mobile App for THE STUDIO MAP 02/05/2012

    The new mobile app for The Studio Map launched on 4th May 2012. The web app provides key studio information in a format optimised for smartphones and is specifically designed for universal access, working on iPhone, Android and Blackberry phones. The free app includes an interactive map to help locate all 35 featured studios. Scan the QR code, right, with your smartphone to install the app.

  • 87 Glossary

    Glossary for Screening Room Map 16/07/2010

    We divide the multitude of projection types into six key categories:
    FILM (includes 16mm, 35mm, 70mm reels)
    SD video (Standard Definition includes VHS, DVD, DigiBeta, DVC Pro)
    HD video (High Definition includes HDV, HDCAM, HD SR, Blu-ray)
    DCP (projectors with the Digital Cinema Package)
    DATA (includes PC/Mac, PowerPoint, QuickTime, game consoles, etc.)
    3D (includes any type of film or digital 3D projection)
    4K (ultra high definition, 4,000 pixel horizontal resolution)

  • 88 Dolby

    News – Dolby Theatre 14/08/2012

    Dolby’s new London office in Soho Square includes the Ray Dolby Lounge and Theatre, a state-of-the-art theatre featuring the latest sound and projection technologies, including Dolby® Atmos™. Industry open days, with the opportunity to meet the Dolby team, are scheduled for 21-23 August 2012 Open PDF

  • 89 Rada

    News – THE SCREEN @ RADA 14/09/2011

    The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art now has a state-of-the-art, 150 seat digital cinema. From September 2011, The Screen @ RADA will offer audiences a stylish new cinema experience in the vibrant surroundings of the Jerwood Vanbrugh Theatre in Bloomsbury. The Screen runs a programme of films, live theatre broadcasts and Q&A screenings. For details of private hire contact Kate Rolfe, Screen Co-ordinator via RADA’s website

  • 90 Bulgari

    News – Bulgari Hotel & Residences London 03/07/2012

    The Screening Room, dedicated to Sir Richard Attenborough, is a unique 47-seat cinema at the Bulgari Hotel. Offering the ultimate exclusive experience, it features the most advanced cinema-quality HD sound and vision, 4K resolution in 2D or the latest Dolby 3D. A curated library has over 200 new and classic films. As well as hosting film premieres and private screenings, the multi-function room is ideal for press events and corporate presentations. Go to page

  • 91 BFI

    News – BFI Viewing Theatres 20/07/2011

    The BFI headquarters at Stephen Street has two screening rooms just off Tottenham Court Road, and they have recently upgraded Theatre 1 to 2K digital projection with 5.1 audio. A full sound line up has also been carried out by Dolby sound production services, to give optimum playback quality. Venue details

  • 92

    Article – Test Screenings 05/10/2012

    “Test audiences are not always right… but they are an important part of post-production…” An article about the pros & cons of getting audience feedback to your film before release. Read here. Courtesy of ambletondelight.blogspot.com

  • 93 W Hotel

    News – W Hotel Screening Room 01/03/2011

    London has a new screening venue; the W London Leicester Square, opened on 14 February, has a 38-seat private cinema. The Screening Room features a large screen with a resolution of 4096×2160 pixels, a Blu Ray Multi Region DVD player, Real D 3D System, and other state of the art equipment including surround sound and cinema acoustics. Website

  • 94 NYC

    Now live: – The New York Screening Room Map 24/07/2010

    Pocket Films has launched the New York version of Screening Room Map. Take a sneek peek here. The launch was backed up with a unique promotion reaching over 30,000 media individuals.

  • 95 Babington House

    Out of London 12/09/2010

    The Screening Room Map has, up till now, focused on venues located in London. This year we are adding venues to the web site that are further afield, including Babington House in Somerset (shown here) and Watershed in Bristol. For more information on these venues and others that will be added in the future, go to the Venues page.

  • 96 Please Mention

    Talking to Venues 04/10/2010

    Please mention the Screening Room Map when talking to the venues featured here on the website. The venues are keen to know where enquiries have originated and it helps build the reputation of the site.

  • 97 Phoenix

    News – Phoenix restoration 05/10/2010

    London’s oldest cinema in continuous operation – East Finchley’s Phoenix Cinema – reopened it’s doors last September after undergoing an extensive 14 week £1.1million restoration and rebuild which includes creation of a new café/bar, and refurbishment of its Grade II listed unique Mollo and Egan Art Deco interior and Edwardian barrel ceiling. Website

  • 98 HomePageSample

    Web Site Acknowledgments 12/09/2010

    Many thanks to all the featured venues for their help in developing this web site, plus the following companies and individuals: Idea Junction (ideajunction.co.uk), Minutecoach (minutecoach.com), Peter Knight (madcornishprojectionist.co.uk), Sam Mably (Bluequest) and Paul Roberts at MPC (moving-picture.com)

  • 99 Bafta

    News – New Projector for BAFTA 03/05/2011

    195 Piccadilly, the home of BAFTA, has installed a state of the art Barco DP2K-32B digital cinema projector recently – a record breaking piece of technology which is the first of its kind in the capital.
    Recognised as officially the brightest digital cinema projector on the planet by the Guinness Book of Records, the projector provides a captivating and immersive cinema experience, particularly with 3D film. The projector is installed in the 227-seat Princess Anne Theatre.