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Screening Room Map & Pocket Films

Screening Room Map is published by Pocket Films Limited.

Pocket Films is a London-based independent publisher of film, TV and cinema guides. We are passionate about simplifying the way people access film and cinema information.

Since founding in 1998, we have launched web sites, mobile apps and distributed over 35 million pocket guides in the UK and the USA. For more information about our range of innovative B2B & consumer guides – and partnership enquiries – go to the Pocket Films web site at www.pocketfilms.com

Our industry guides include:

Screening Room Map

For private and corporate screening events, there is a varied range of screens for hire, from intimate screening rooms to grand large-capacity cinemas. Screening Room Map makes it easier to compare and contact these venues directly. The guide consists of a web site and a printed pocket guide (UK-only). The handy pocket guide is distributed inside leading industry publications and a targeted distribution system. First launched for London, the Screening Room Map grew to cover New York and Los Angeles venues and is now expanding worldwide.

Quick access links:

• London & UK

• New York

• Los Angeles

The Studio Map

Looking for a studio to hire? Designed for anyone looking to hire a film studio or a TV studio, The Studio Map is a convenient directory of film, broadcast, video and TV studios for hire. Expanding globally in 2021, The Studio Map is particularly useful for producers, production coordinators, production anagers, assistant producers, location managers, agencies and media companies looking for an easy to navigate resource for film studios, sound stages, television studios and video studios.

The Camera Map

The Camera Map is designed for anyone looking to find professional cameras for film, video and broadcast productions. The Camera Map is a convenient directory, in print and online, for producers to source cameras from rental houses, hire companies, kit retailers and camera manufacturers. The guide consists of a web site and a printed pocket guide (UK-only). The new online portal for The Camera Map – with a global expansion – launches in 2021.

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