Welcome to Screening Room Map

Find venues that suit your screening requirements by searching the VENUES or MAP pages, then contact individual sites for availability, projection details and rates. Most venues are available for private screenings at hourly or daily rates. To switch between UK and US screening rooms click on the flag symbols above. Screening Room Map divides venues into three categories:

Screening Rooms | These are generally smaller venues without weekly film programmes (red map markers)
Cinemas  | Generally larger venues which run published film programmes (blue map markers)

Mobile Screens  | Cinemas & screens that can be set up in any desired location

All featured venues are available for private screenings at hourly or daily rates.

New venues

New UK additions to the Screening Room Map for 2020 include these venues: Vue West End   The Vintage Mobile Cinema  •  Vue Westfield  •  Archlight Cinema  •  30 Euston Square  •  Church House Westminster 

Type of projection

Screening Room Map divides projection types into eight general categories:

FILM  | Includes 16mm, 35mm, 70mm reels.
SD video  | Standard Definition video includes DVD, DigiBeta, Beta SX/SP, DVC Pro.
HD video  | High Definition video includes HDV, HDCAM, HD SR, Blu-ray.
DCP  | Projectors with the Digital Cinema Package.
DATA  | Includes PC/Mac, PowerPoint, QuickTime, game consoles.
3D  | Includes any type of film or digital 3D projection.
4K  | Ultra high definition, 4,000 pixel horizontal resolution.
IMAX  | Widescreen, custom-venue format.

For detailed projection specifications and rates, always check the web sites of specific venues.