Refurbished for 2021 – The K2 Screening Room in Brooklyn

The K2 Screening Room in Brooklyn, NY has recently been remodelled to provide an intimate screening environment for industry and private clients. With new seating and furnishings, the room is a state-of-the-art space catering to those screening their content for buyers, reviewing dailies, previewing for film festival presentation, or simply to experience their film on the big screen.

The screening room is configurable to accommodate various projection and playback systems. In addition to 2K E-Cinema and D-Cinema, we offer fully DCI-compliant 4K DLP DCP projection, 7.1 sound via the new Trinnov Ovation 2 processor, a 5′ x 9′ Stewart Filmscreen, JBL 3678 cinema speakers, and QSC PLX1804 amps. It can comfortably accommodate up to five people.

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